Real Islam is life transforming

Summary of Maulana Shaykh Nazim’s Daily Suhbah

4thFebruary 2010, Thursday

Real Islam is life transforming

A’uzubillah himinsh shaitan nirrajeem

Bismillahir Rahman-nir Raheem

Assalamu’alaikum wrh wbkt

  • Maulana welcomed all attendees, saying that we were all blessed to attend such Suhbahs, as these are not for dunia, but for Allah’s pleasure. So many people attend gatherings, only to seek dunia, so it is a great blessing when people gather for Allah’s sake. Maulana reminds us again of our arch-enemy, shaitan, who has been Man’s enemy since the time of Sayyidina Adam (as), and will remain so till the end of time. Our constant recitation of A’uzubillah is our means of protection, and it reminds us of our weakness and vulnerability, hence we are always in need of Allah’s protection.
  • The advice of the Prophets are all Divine Commands which must be obeyed, and Allah is able to raise any weak and humble servant of His, to bring His Divine Commands to His servants. Maulana says, he is one such weak servant, he doesn’t prepare his lessons, he speaks whatever is sent to his heart, for words that emerge from one’s heart will penetrate the hearts of the listeners. One who speaks without ego, will be able to convey his message to his audience, as their hearts will feel happy to receive the advice.
  • Maulana says we must respect people who have been raised in stature in this world, based on a Hadees, “Give due respect to those who have been raised in honour, by their own tribes.” As such, we must accord high respect to His Royal Highness, Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, who was present at an event in Manchester that night.
  • Maulana asks us to be disciplined, to give our attention during each Suhbah and to concentrate fully, in order to gain maximally from each lesson. Maulana says that he draws from a Divine spring for each lesson, so each lesson is an endless flow of beautiful advice, but he often shortens each lesson to accommodate the short attention spans of his attendees. So be respectful during these short lessons, give your undivided attention and listen humbly.
  • During that momentous event in Manchester, Maulana noted that the Prince had seen many presentations – Qasidahs, Whirling and Speeches. But none of that represents real Islam, said Maulana, and at the very most, that showed a very tiny fraction of what Islam really is. Islam is not just about such performances, for such performances do not bring satisfaction to the hearts of attendees.
  • Real Islam is a way of life, a state of mind, a set of beliefs and practices – all of which bring peace and contentment to the hearts of those who practice it. Islam comes to destroy all that is evil, Islam comes to remove shaitanic influences from every aspect of human life, Islam comes to chase shaitan out of our lives and our communities.
  • Look at where Islam began. In the deserts of Arabia, a groups of wild, rough, uncouth, vulgar, quarrelsome and war-mongering tribes (Nomads, Bedoins etc), were transformed into the best Companions of the Prophet (saw) over a short period of 23 years. In that time, their despicable behaviour had been transformed into one based on the highest morals and ideals, that made them gems in the history of Mankind – no other group of humans had ever attained the status and exemplary conduct of the Companions of the Prophet (saw). Look at how real Islam transformed the worst of humanity, into the very best.
  • Hence the mission of every Prophet was to kick shaitan out of Man’s lives completely. Our Prophet (saw) mission is to remove shaitan and his influence from the life of the entire Ummah! So Islam is not about entertainment “dancing, whirling, qasidahs etc.” No, it is a way of life that gives us the strength to kick shaitan out of every aspect of our lives! Islam is sent to save Mankind from shaitan and his destructive teachings.
  • Man must kick shaitan out of his mind, his eyes, his ears, his mouth, his tongue, his heart, his hands, his feet – in fact, from every organ, from every thought, intention and practice, in every moment of one’s life! That is why Maulana says that this Suhbah is an ocean onto itself, those who understand it, and practice it, will benefit, but those who are unable to understand, have been infiltrated by shaitan, for the disease of ‘not understanding’ is a shaitanic disease, for he was commanded to prostrate to Sayyidina Adam (as), he failed to understand and to obey, from that moment, right till Qiyamat.
  • Just as shaitan became the accursed one when he disobeyed and defied Allah, we too will suffer the same fate, unless we banish shaitan completely from the whole of our lives. We must remove shaitan, his presence, his advice, his teachings – from our lives, our families, our communities, and our countries – in order to be happy, in this worldly life and in the hereafter. Free yourself from shaitan, and you would have fulfilled what Rasulullah (saw) came to do, and you would have acquired real Islam.


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