Month of Rajab by Hajjah Amina Adil ق

The month of Rajab is the seventh month of the Islamic calendar year and is termed shahrullâh, the month of Allah ﷻ. Whoever fasts three days during this month, will drink from that river of Paradise, which according to the description of our Holy Prophet ﷺ is “whiter than milk, sweeter than honey, and cooler than snow.”

Another tradition relates that whoever fasts one day during Rajab will become free of sins as a newborn child; whoever fasts two days, his father and mother will be forgiven their sins; whoever fasts three days will be spared three great calamities: the punishment of the grave, leaving this life without faith, and the darkness of the grave. If one fasts for four days during Rajab, he will be made safe from the wretched Dajjâl (Antichrist).

There are great rewards for fasting any day in Rajab. One who fasts six days during this month is rewarded as if he had been with the Holy Prophet ﷺ at the Battle of Badr. The seven gates of Hell are closed for one who has fasted seven days of Rajab, and the eight gates of Paradise are opened for the one who has fasted eight days. If one has fasted the entire month of Rajab, a heavenly angel calls out to him: “O servant of the Lord! The eight gates of Paradise are open to you, enter through whichever you wish!”

In the month of Rajab Allah ﷻ Gives seventyfold reward for every act of worship. If one reads one juz’ of Qur’ân (the thirtieth part), he will be rewarded as if he had read seventy juz’. For every rak‘a of prayer, he will be rewarded as if for seventy raka‘ât. For every repetition of the Holy Name, he will be rewarded as if for seventy repetitions.

It is recommended to recite Astaghfirullâh seventy thousand times in the course of this month, for Rajab is a month of mercy and forgiveness. It is also commendable to pray thirty sets of two raka‘ât in honour of this month, whenever the time is convenient, for
example after the sun has risen, at the time of ishrâq. In these raka‘ât, after the Fâtiha, one recites Qul yâ ayyuhâ l-kâfirûn and
Qul Hû Allâhu Ahad three times.

There are some very pious people who fast the entire three months, from the beginning of the month of Rajab to the end of Ramadân. It is also said that hellfire will not be permitted to touch anyone who repeats every day lâ ilâha illâ llâh a thousand times, and lâ ilâha illâ llâh, Muªammadu r-Rasûlullâh one hundred times until the end of Ramadân, 100,000 repetitions in all. It is possible to dedicate this recitation to another person who will then be granted safety from the fires of Hell.

The name of the month Rajab is written with the Arabic letters “râ’”, “jîm” and “bâ’”. “Râ’” stands for “rahma”, mercy, compassion, “jîm” stands for “jurm”, offense, sin, and “bâ’” stands for “birr”, Allāh ﷻ ’s Grace and Mercy. The Lord ﷻ Speaks: “My servant’s sin stands between My (ﷻ) Mercy and My (ﷻ) Grace.”

It is enveloped by His ﷻ Grace and Mercy and thus forgiven. This is the meaning of the month of Rajab.

by Hajjah Amina Adil an-Naqshbandi ق

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