Defend the truth, and He will defend you


Summary of Maulana Shaykh Nazim’s daily Suhbahs

8th April 2010, Thursday

Defend the truth, and He will defend you

A’uzubillah himinsh shaitan nirrajeem

Bismillahir Rahman-nir Raheem

Assalamu’alaikum wrh wbkt

  • Mawlana welcomed attendees, who were present to seek protection and who sought to be defenders of Haq (truth), protectors of the Way of Rasulullah (saw). There were others, who had attended these Suhbahs for a few days, before they then started to skip them – that is a sign of hypocrisy. Anyone who feels bored by these lessons is the companion of Shaytan, for these are jewels of advice from the Divine to the tongue of our Holy Prophet (saw). Only slaves of Shaytan and their egos will reject heavenly advice. We must aim to practise what we are taught in each Suhbah, there is no point attending even a hundred Suhbahs, if you do not practise what you learn! Though this advice may be a little bitter, Suhbahs must dispense such bitter medicinal pills, to enlighten, cure and educate attendees.
  • We must give our fullest attention to each Suhbah! We must give it our undivided attention, our highest respect, for we must ask ourselves, for who is this gathering for? Is it to please Allah? Or Shaytan? The answer is obvious, so if this gathering is held according to Divine instructions – to praise and to glorify the Almighty – shouldn’t we be giving these Suhbahs unprecedented priority over all else? Anyone who belittles these lessons, or places them very low on their priority list, or who do not treasure or value them – that is a good gauge as to how much Shaytanic influence has penetrated into that person. Many people, who have been influenced by Shaytan, maintain that they are not in need of constant advice, they feel that that ‘they already know what to do.’ They say, “We need to attend Suhbahs only once in a while, that is sufficient for us.” That is true, only if you practise all that you hear and learn in each Suhbah!
  • No one should reject advice, not even a King. But people in authority are often proud ones; they feel that it is beneath them to accept advice from one they view as being of a lower status than themselves. Mawlana said to such haughty people – take a good look in the mirror, what do you see? You see someone who is respected because he wears expensive and beautiful clothing. So many such people dress up and strut around, parading their achievements and medals – they enjoy basking in the attention and admiration of their underlings. Is that real honor? Is honor achieved by such shallow things such as expensive clothing and honorary medals? What happens when a person takes off his clothes and medals, and dons normal, simple, ordinary clothing – is his honor gone? People of such understanding live in a shallow world, it is a fake world of imitated honor, like plastic fruits – tasteless, hollow and cheap. So many are mesmerized by the glitter of dunya, but these are very foolish ones, said Mawlana, they have been tricked by Shaytan, they have lost their minds and are being led by the nose, by Shaytan, into Hell.
  • That is why advice is so important, Allah has said in the Holy Qur’an,

And remind (by preaching the Qur’an, (O Muhammad (saw)) for verily, the reminding profits the believers. (Quran 27:55)

  • Learned ones must advise the rich and powerful, not to be blinded by their worldly possessions. Religious scholars must forbid the rich from building skyscrapers, and they must remind their followers not to be deluded by their wealth. The Prophet (saw) had said, “In the end of times, my Ummah will race to build skyscrapers.” Look at how many such buildings tower over the Grand Mosque in Makkah today! In a hadith, it is mentioned that, when a man builds a house taller than two stories in height, the Angels say, “Oh foolish one, where are you trying to reach with your building? Shame on you!” In building skyscrapers, Muslims are following Namrud, the enemy of Allah – why are believers emulating such a man? Why are believers copying the ways of the unbelievers, the Way of Batil (opposite of Haq)?

  • Tabligh (the act of preaching) is very important in Islam. Teachers / Guides / Scholars / Learned ones must know their responsibilities, and must not busy themselves with trivial and unimportant matters, whilst foregoing their prime duties of advising/teaching/guiding. It is a pity that most of them are busy looking like pious ones, instead of dispensing actual life-saving advice, day and night, to the ailing Ummah.

Let there arise out of you a group of people inviting to all that is good (Islam), enjoining Al-Ma’ruf (goodness) and forbidding Al-Munkar (evil). And it is they who are the successful. (Quran 3:104)

  • Learned ones must understand the responsibilities placed on their shoulders, they must advise those who act against Shari’ah Allah (like the builders of skyscrapers). Guide your flock to remember the life of the hereafter, Mawlana said. It is true that some people get very agitated by the mention of death, and do not like to be reminded of it, but these reminders must be given, to save Mankind, even if it faces stiff opposition from Shaytan.
  • Mawlana said, he preaches using easy-to-understand language, and even though his command of English is poor, he prays to Allah for madad (support) that these heavenly advices, penetrate the hearts of attendees, and trample on the whisperings of Shaytan. Learned ones must not aim to impress their followers or to try to dazzle them with fancy words, for what is the point of an eloquent speech that has no spiritual penetration into the hearts of their listeners? Their ultimate aim should be to convey sincere advice to the masses. Pray for Divine support, that the message hits home loud and clear. It doesn’t matter even if there are only a few attendees (some will only teach if there are many attendees), spread the Divine message!
  • This is Mawlana’s advice – spend your life defending the truth, upholding the truth and protecting the truth, and Allah will save you in this world and in the hereafter. Each Suhbah must uphold Haq (truth). If you spend your life defending Haq, all Heavenly forces will protect you and stand by you. But if you abandon propagating and preaching Haq, Shaytan will draw close to you. He will invite you to join the fellowship of the cursed ones.
  • Anyone who strives for Haqq, will always be honored. When such a person dies, Angels await him at his grave, they welcome him with respect and honor. As for those who were taken in by Shaytan’s whispers, they will be stripped of their grand worldly clothes in death, and at their graves, Shayatheen await the coming of one from their accursed fellowship. Each person who is destined for Hell, will be ‘welcomed’ by Shaytan as he is laid in his grave – what a terrible companion to have awaiting for us in our graves.
  • We are in the last days, the Book of Dunya is in its very last pages, the Trumpet is about to be blown, and soon, we shall all be gathered to face Judgment. May Allah guide us, so that our feet remain on Haq and may we be raised amongst those who lived in dunya, to defend Haq. Only those in this group will attain safety, satisfaction and salvation – all the rest will be in chaos and regret. The choice is yours.


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