Dalailul Khairat

Dalailul Khayrat, Istanbul version

Our Beloved Shaykh Bahauddin blessed us with a Tablespread of Spiritual Nourishment during the Singapore leg of the Chat.

During the Q&A session a mureed was asking if he has the permission, other than the Dalailul Khayrat, to recite Hizbul Wiqayah by Ibn Arabiق.

Shaykh Baha surprised us by revealing that he has been reciting it daily, in the Istanbul publication of the Dalailul Khairat, and has given permission for everyone to practice the same.

Here is the PDF above if you to download it:

All the Hizbs Shakh Baha mentioned are in the PDF attached above.

The 5 daily recitals in this book:
•Dalailul Khairat
•Hizbul A’ zham
•Hizbul Istighfar
•Hizbul Wiqayah
•Hizbul Ghoyath

The hardcopy is published by Hakkani Publishing House by permission of Mawlana Sheikh Muhammad Adilق, but is currently out of stock on Amazon.

Above is a transliteration and translation of Dalailul Khairat.

Above is a transliteration of Dalailul Khairat.

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