Daily wirid in month of Rabi’ul Awal

Assalamu’alaikum wrh wbkt.

Summary of Maulana’s daily wirid in month of Rabi’ul Awal:

1) no less than 1000 Selawats (very important!)

2) Astaghfirullah hal azheem, 100 – 700 times

3) La ila ha illallah, 100 – 1000 times

4) Ya mungkidal halka (Oh Saviour of crushed mortals), 40 times

5) La ila ha illa anta subhanaka inni kuntu minazh zhalimeen, 100 times

6) Surah Al Ikhlas 100 – 1000 times

7) Ya Lateef (Oh Gentle One), 100 times.

8 ) Selawat Tunjina, 40 times.

9) Ya Hannan (O Tender One), 100 times

10) Ya Mannan (O Benefactor), 100 times

11) Ya Waduud (O Loving One), 100 times


Also, read as much as possible:

1) “Subhanim Allah, Sultanim Allah, Nabim Muhammad, Alayhi salam.”

It means: “My Subhan is Allah. My Sultan is Allah. My Nabi is Muhammad. Upon him salams.”

2) Antallah ya Jaleel (You are Allah, Most Sublime)

3) La Ghaliba illallah (There is no Conqueror but Allah).


“Those who celebrate Maulud with love, will be neighbours with Rasulullah (saw).” (Shaykh Adnan Kabbani)

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