Where should we run to, for safety?

Summary of Maulana Shaykh Nazim’s Daily Suhbah

22nd January 2010, Friday

Where should we run to, for safety?

A’uzubillah himinsh shaitan nirrajeem

Bismillahir Rahman-nir Raheem

Assalamu’alaikum wrh wbkt

  • Maulana prays for us to be given help and ease in understanding and practising from his lessons.
  • To a simple mind, religion is like a football match – one side is the Prophet’s side, the other side is Shaitan’s side. Shaitan is trying to get the whole world interested/obsessed with football, and the Prophet is trying to do otherwise. Maulana says that people who watch football are empty headed ones, as it is a waste of time and money, and has no benefit in it whatsoever.
  • Man is always wondering what he is going to eat later, where he will go for his next meal. But he never wonders where he will go for the next life. Each day, we see someone die, we bury him, but we never take any wisdom or lesson from it at all. Instead of pondering about it, we are thinking of the financial crisis in our lives – yet prior to this crisis, we had been wasteful, both of our time and money.
  • Man no longer thinks about his aim, his mission in this worldly life, and when he ceases to think, he is demoted to the level of animals, for animals do not think of such things. Man falls to such a disgraceful position because he does not use his ability to think.
  • Maulana gives an example to simulate this. If you were walking through a mine-field, and you walked without care, without thinking, just strolling on in a carefree manner, oblivious to all the hidden dangers – what would happen to you? The result is fatal. So can one negotiate through this complex life successfully, avoiding its hidden traps, without thinking and taking necessary preparations and precautions? Impossible!
  • Man’s life has descended to a meaningless routine – he goes to work in the day, and looks for entertainment and enjoyment in the night. That’s it. Maulana reminds us all, that we have not been created by Allah for entertainment! Allah has equipped us with powerful minds, so that we learn something in this short life, so that we can discover our true mission. But people are either drunk (with this worldly life’s entertainments and pursuits) or sleeping (unaware and disinterested about akherat, the true life). When a person is drunk/sleeping, he loses his capability to think, and that is very dangerous, like walking through a minefield, unawares.
  • Because Man has left his true mission, his life becomes meaningless, he becomes unhappy with his shallow life, and begins to yearn for change, which he hopes will bring meaning to his pitiful life. He wonders if migrating would do him good, or if he should change jobs, and he starts to desire to be someone else. Slowly, he is lured by shaitan’s tricks, to fall into his traps – Man thinks that by following shaitan’s advice, he would find the solace and peace that he yearns for so desperately. Instead, he is drawn deeper and deeper into the pit of sufferings, misery and conflict.
  • When Man reaches the depths of these pits of darkness, he will rebel and become wild, and that is the start of War on earth. All Holy books have predicted the most terrible war to come, in Man’s history, the Armageddon, Malhamatun Kubra, the Biggest War. It is the Curse of Allah descending upon heedless Mankind, and Curses will rain upon humans, like snow and hail.
  • Oh people, we are the Last Nation (Ummah), we are in the Last Days now, the Day of Resurrection is very near. Because Man is dead spiritually, he is troubled by everything, life is tasteless and aimless, and he then seeks to kill, in order to find enjoyment. Others seek to die, rather than face this bleak and drab existence. So many countries are stockpiling terrible weapons of mass destruction, humans take pleasure from maiming and killing, for inflicting suffering and destruction. When killing and destruction become the main aims of human existence, Allah will inflict such terrible earthquakes on Mankind, earthquakes that will leave those seeking to cause destruction, dead. Such will be the force of these earthquakes, that no human will be left alive in many cities, and no buildings will be left standing. These are the Signs of the Last Day.
  • All Prophets, especially the Holy Prophet (saw) warned that, once adultery and promiscuity spreads rampant, Allah’s anger will descend on Man, more and more forcefully.
  • Now that we are seeing the Signs – weapons of mass destruction, earthquakes, promiscuity and adultery – where do we run to, for safety?
  • You must realise what has caused this. We have been granted the greatest honour by Allah from amongst all creation, yet we have forgotten about that, and we have not valued such a great honour, and we have ceased to give our highest obedience and respect to Allah Almighty.
  • Man has forgotten Allah, so Allah has left Mankind – Man has been ‘forgotten’ by Allah. Forgotten people will constantly be showered by Divine Anger, till they change their ways.
  • So change your ways, leave the wrong path and seek the right path – then Allah’s light, protection and blessings will descend upon you, and the curses will be lifted, here and in the hereafter.


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